Trigger Point Injection Therapy

Explore new possibilities with trigger point injection therapy in the Portage & Kalamazoo, MI area

Trigger Point Injection Therapy and Massage are used to break the cycle of muscle spasms that happen in the muscle fibers when they have been contracted or strained for a long period of time. Once the scar tissue (commonly known as 'knots') forms, stretching, strengthening, and reducing inflammation will help heal to that muscle.

At Vitality Healthcare in Portage, near Kalamazoo, MI, the goal of our injection therapy is to allow the muscle to regain elasticity-to stretch and contract-and to improve the muscle's ability to replace fibers, as it is meant to do. During the procedure, a numbing medicine (lidocaine) is used to decrease inflammation and allow the muscle to respond to the therapy and massage it needs.

Vitality Healthcare also offers Portage and nearby communities a homeopathic injection therapy during which a therapeutic solution comprised of several homeopathic remedies is introduced to the body. These injections differ from traditional therapies in that they do not treat the symptoms of a patient's musculoskeletal condition directly. Instead, they revive the body's natural healing processes so that it may fight off pain and inflammation naturally.

Trigger Point Injection Therapy may be used in place of, or in conjunction with, other traditional pain remedies such as massage. The procedure is minimally invasive and is generally performed using a very small needle, minimizing the patient's discomfort.

Speak to the Vitality Healthcare Front Desk Staff in our office in Portage to see if Trigger Point Injection Therapy and Massage is right for you. We can go over what to expect, cost, side effects, and even provide you with reviews from other patients. Call us today!

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