Meet the Team

James Joseph, DO, AAAM

Dr. James is a highly talented and progressive Board Certified Family Medicine Physician with extensive experience in Advanced Aesthetic Medicine and Regenerative Medicine. A Strong background working in hospital and clinical settings. He is adept in communicating with patients, attending physicians, specialists, and nursing staff. Dr. James’ passion is implementing regenerative medicine as a first line approach to health in an effort to minimize surgeries, and medication dependance later on.


  • American Osteopathic Association, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, American Academy of Stem Cell Physicians
  • Advanced Aesthetic Medicine 2012
  • Stem Cell Harvesting 2012
  • Orthopedic Stem Cell Applications 2012
  • Liposculpture with Fat Transfer 2012
  • Regenerative Medicine Fellowship 2016
  • Peptide Training 2017
  • Vampire Facelift, Hair, Breast Lift, P and O Shot Certification 2019, SPG Block Exosome Training 2019
Dr. James Joseph
sandy pratt

Sandra Pratt, FNP

Sandra is an American Academy Nurse Practitioner with Board Certification as a Family Nurse Practitioner and has been practicing since 2008. Her medical career began in 1990 and is extensive providing a vast array of knowledge and expertise to her patients. She has worked in Critical Care, Medical-Surgical Nursing, Vascular surgery, General Cardiology, Heart Failure settings and is cross trained in many different areas of medicine.

After spending most of her career working with cardiac patients, she became frustrated by the overall lack of identifying what contributed to causing her patients heart disease in the first place. This ‚Äčled to an interest in focusing on the cause of poor health and using natural medicine to identify the root causes.
In her spare time, Sandra is dedicated to rescuing security breed dogs and raising American bison here in southwest Michigan.

Her motto is “sometimes we have to be comfortable being uncomfortable to achieve results”. She looks forward to seeing new patients and helping the Vitality Healthcare team optimize the health of the community.

Steven Osterhout, DC, CCN

Portage native, Dr. Steven Osterhout, attended Western Michigan University where he attained his Pre-Med degree in Biological Medicine, then his Doctorate in Chiropractic. Dr. Osterhout is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, American Academy of Environmental Medicine, and the Institute for Functional Medicine. He also pursued post-doctoral studies in Clinical Nutrition and is a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist.

At the age of 12, Dr. Osterhout was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and at 20 he underwent open heart surgery. Experiencing these two profound health challenges so early in life created an overwhelming need to find answers as to why we become–and remain–sick. This fueled a passion for identifying how poor health develops and what can be done to overcome health issues using a functional approach.

dr steven osterhout
nathaniel weiss

Nathaniel Weiss, DC

Dr. Nathaniel Weiss is a 2017 Palmer Chiropractic College graduate. He attended Northern Michigan University where he obtained a bachelor of science degree. Not only does Dr. Nate excel in chiropractic care but he is also trained in physical therapy and sports rehab. He is passionate about patient care and making a difference in the lives of others.

Sarah Brady, LMSW, CLE

Sarah Brady LMSW, CLE is Vitality Healthcare’s Clinic Director & Certified Lifestyle Educator. Sarah is a fully licensed therapist with a Master of Social Work degree. Her post graduate training includes continuing clinical nutrition education, holistic health, anti-inflammatory diet counseling and integrative mind-body coaching. She has 13 years of experience guiding patient’s with managing multiple food allergies and rotation diets, modifying menu plans, providing lasting weight loss strategies, reversing metabolic disease through diet and lifestyle recommendations, and empowering clients to overcome the psychosocial challenges they face with chronic illness and obesity. Sarah is a powerful advocate for healthy living because of her own health success achieved as a result of implementing the exceptional strategies offered at Vitality Healthcare. She’s passionate about healthy cooking, yoga, paddle boarding, biking and traveling. Sarah finds great joy and purpose in helping others transform their physical and mental health using food as medicine.

sara brady
trina madonia

Trina Madonia, CTA

Trina, CTA is Vitality Healthcare’s Functional Medicine Consultant and a Weight Loss Specialist in our medical weight loss program. She has 27 years of experience in the chiropractic/functional medicine field. She has been practicing Applied Kinesiology for 15 years. The majority of her time in our clinic is spent hands on with patients, testing and educating about functional medicine and the underlying cause of disease processes. She is passionate about our patients care and focuses on education for their greatest outcome. Her specialties include, nutritional testing, genetic optimization, a/sert technique, percussor therapy, cold laser therapy and kinesio taping. She loves to attend continuing education seminars to learn new techniques to add to our protocols for our patients greatest health benefits.